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For readers eight and up, a thrilling adventure story, perfect for people who like their books with a side of rocketships and hidden treasure. Find out what secrets are hidden beneath the Maryland countryside in… Omega City Gillian Seagret doesn’t … Continue reading

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In one more day, my ninth book, Across A Star-Swept Sea, will be out in the world! To celebrate, I’ve been posting chapters: Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Read the latest below, enter the giveaway at the bottom of the … Continue reading

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(I’ll be posting a chapter a day of Across A Star-Swept Sea leading up to its release on Tuesday. Read along and then enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post.) _________________ CHAPTER THREE As the sun peeked its … Continue reading

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Recently, there’s been a rash of cases where indie writers (a.k.a. self publishers), have been outed as plagiarists. A few months ago, NPR and Fast Company covered a breaking story about rampant plagiarism in the erotica section of the Amazon … Continue reading

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So a funny thing happened last year at Dragon*Con. I was visiting the Pyr (a well-known SFF publisher, for those who don’t know) booth to meet E.C. Meyers, and he introduced me to one of the editors there, Gabrielle Harroway. … Continue reading

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First: Epic Reads will be revealing the cover of Across A Star-Swept Sea (and an exclusive interview with yours truly) on Wednesday. Set your clocks! Anyway, somewhat inspired by the inimitable Tamora Pierce’s recent semi-rant about the beyond-all-proportion media coverage … Continue reading

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Sorry I’ve been such a terrible blogger of late. I’ve had my head down deep in revision land for my secret project, which I’m finally starting to believe will really, REALLY happen, so hopefully I’ll be telling you all about … Continue reading

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Leila Roy (Bookshelves of Doom) for Kirkus: I enjoyed it so wholeheartedly and so unreservedly that I told my husband that reading it was like “being stabbed over and over again…but in a good way”—a compliment reserved for my favorite … Continue reading

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So I’m a little worried that all that time on the internet last week following For Darkness promo may have broken my brain. Guys: I checked my Amazon rankings. I haven’t done anything like that since like 2006. It’s pretty … Continue reading

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Since it’s the last day of the month, and since I’ve been a Very Bad Blogger this month, I thought I’d round things out with a little FDSTS FAQ and Giveaway. But first, let us start with a teaser: _______ … Continue reading

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