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Why, hello there, internets. You have questions about my book? I have answers. I hope. Q: Why is this book inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel? A: Because spies are cool, and fashionable spies are the coolest. Q: No, really. Isn’t … Continue reading

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Since it’s the last day of the month, and since I’ve been a Very Bad Blogger this month, I thought I’d round things out with a little FDSTS FAQ and Giveaway. But first, let us start with a teaser: _______ … Continue reading

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So since I’m getting lots of questions about For Darkness Shows the Stars (and seeing the ones I’m not getting personally floating around) I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer a few of the most common. Here goes. Q: … Continue reading

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In all the excitement about announcing my new book yesterday, I forgot to point y’all to one of my guest blogs. Kate at Read This Book! asked me to blog about one of my favorite “lost” YA novels. I sing … Continue reading

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So my modem is fried. Which means I’m sitting in a coffee shop typing this. People! Outside world! Extraordinary. Question: “How do you pronounce your last name?(I’ve told some of my friends about your books, and I’m sure I messed … Continue reading

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Question: “What should I major in to become a writer?” Answer: Major in anything you want. I did Geology, and then, because I wound up taking classes that worked for the Literature major (which fell into every category from Film … Continue reading

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Question: “What time of day is best for writing?” Answer: For me? All times are the same. Sometimes i get good writing done in the morning, sometimes in the evening. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night … Continue reading

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Question: “Is it true that, like, 99% of our presidents were in secret societies?” Answer: I haven’t the foggiest. I believe some of the founding fathers were Freemasons — though according to Wikipedia, John Q. Adams, at least, was a … Continue reading

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So, as part of the redesign of my website, I’m putting up a new FAQ. I already have some of my biggest hits down (**cough**cough**wereyouinasecretsociety**cough**cough**) but I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing. One of my recent faves: Why would otherwise … Continue reading

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I’m trying to put together an FAQ for my website, so I’m going over chats and blogs and things and trying to figure out what ARE the most frequently asked questions. So far I’ve got: 1. How did you get … Continue reading

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