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L asks: I was hoping you could give some writing advice, focusing more on the length of the novel. I’ve been working on my story, a YA Fantasy and the problem is that it’s too short. 61,000 words. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Did you guys hear about this whole plagiarism scandal? So apparently this (former) board member of an RWA chapter was selling self-published and micropress published stories that were actually written for Harlequin by authors like Liz Fielding and Julie Kenner. … Continue reading

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I am in possession of a few extra, precious, For Darkness Shows the Stars ARCs. So I’m giving one away this week. This book isn’t coming out until June, but people are saying it’s my best yet. Well, by “people” … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten a lot of emails this weekend (because somehow folks think I’m some sort of RWA spokesperson?) about the current kerfuffle over some RWA chapter I’ve never heard of prohibiting homosexual romances in their published novel contest (a contest … Continue reading

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Oh, so many movies I’m excited about: Like look at this freaky Snow White adaptation. Not loving KStew as a Joan of Arc-y Snow White, but Charlize Theron rocks my socks as the evil queen. Plus — wowsa, the imagery! … Continue reading

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Yesterday I promised to tell you all about how a music video inspired the cover for For Darkness Shows the Stars. But that’s not entirely true. When we last left our tale, I had been sending pictures of starscapes to … Continue reading

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From the mailbag, T. asks: When you write a novel it’s like a boat-load of short stories, with the same characters, and they tie together, right? So how would someone with great ideas get them onto paper if they don’t … Continue reading

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I was recently reminded of an old phenomenon I remember well from the days before I was published (and before I realized that my blood pressure was best served by staying off listservs and forums populated by aspiring writers): that … Continue reading

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As I wade through my final round of revisions on my latest novel, I’ve been thinking a lot about the requirements of retellings (I wrote about this some last year). At the time, I said: “Holly‚Äôs way of thinking about … Continue reading

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My parents are both from Wyoming Valley, and I was born there. I still have a lot of family in that area, including my grandmother and a ton of aunts, uncles and cousins. Though I haven’t lived in the area … Continue reading

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